Learn to Master the Exam Essays

Many exam formats require students to write one or more essays. These essays are usually short or of medium length; essays that you can plan and write within an hour. Exam essays, unlike take-home, write my essay assignments, are fast-paced, and don’t follow iterations over several drafts. When you write the essay in an exam you are not only restricted by the word and time limit but also by the amount of space to write on. 

Many writers who are accustomed to asking others and getting their essays done usually end up finding exam essays difficult. These essays require you to modify and streamline the essay writing process, while also doing some prep work for the essay.

Here are the steps you should follow when writing exam essays:

Prepare for the exam essay

You won’t be allowed to look for information online or through your course material. The essay prompts won’t dive much into the information that is outside the syllabus for the subject. Though, you should cover up the subjects that have been discussed and introduced in the class. Use your notes and read through your syllabus material to write my essay for me and get enough information to easily write on any related subject in the exam.

Understand the prompts

Make sure you scrutinize the prompts and know what the essay prompts you have to write. It is beneficial if you answer down the questions of the prompt and if they are composed of several parts. This will help you decide on what’s your initial take on the subject.

Attempt the short essays first

You should start with the short essay as you might end up spending more time on the longer essay. Starting with the short essay will also warm up your writing muscles and help save your overall exam time.

Do a brainstorming and make the outline

The brainstorming session should be done on the subject exploring all sides of the argument or analysis. Make sure that you don’t decide on your whim to choose a side but decide according to the amount of supporting information that you can find.

You can use mind maps to help you brainstorm for ideas and relationships. This will also allow you to create a general outline for your essay.

Write your essay following the outline

The essay should adhere to the outline and any changes made should be planned first. The outline will help you jot down your ideas from the paper writing service online first. It also allows you to concentrate on the writing part without worrying too much about the structure of the essay.

Take care of coherence and unity in and amongst paragraphs

Following the outline, you will also be able to make sure that the paragraphs are coherent and uniform. You should make sure to include signposts and transitioning in the paragraphs as well as between them. With each paragraph representing a complete thought, the overall essay will come off as complete too.

Finish your essay earlier to leave time for editing and proofreading

Make sure that you finish your essay a good fifteen minutes before the finish time. This will allow you to catch the errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling that pop out in the essay and make it look bad. This will also let you make some tweaks in the style of the writing on the sentence level, such as optimizing the vocabulary, etc.

Avoid making a mess

During the editing and proofreading process, you should make a mess by custom essay writer and rewriting over the text, as this will make a bad impression. Just strike the word/s you want to replace with a single line and either write the correction above it or on the side.


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