How to Write an Effective Compare Contrast Analysis

Compare contrast essays are one of the most common expository essays that a student has to write. Early in middle school, you might recall these essays as similarities and differences. Such essays are used to test the writer’s ability to analyze subjects in comparison to other subjects. These essays train the writer to write my essay and find new ones. 

Many people who find it difficult to write these expositions may ask their peers when instead they should work on their analytical skills and develop useful methods to help them in their comparisons. Most of the compare and contrast essays tell you to either perform a comparative analysis or a contrast analysis. If the prompt is divided into several parts then chances are that you are asked to do both of these analyses. 

Compare and contrast as a writing type

Compare and contrast writing technique is almost included in all essays. This type of writing is a major part of analytical academic writing. It allows the writer to write essay for me and find relationships between the subjects and compare them with each other. Through the comparison of one subject with another or comparison of several sub-topics within a wider one, you can perform a comparative analysis listing the differences or the similarities depending on the goal of the essay.

Other than analytical writing, in higher critical writing essays you will always find yourself performing a compare and contrast analysis. For example in argumentative essays without comparing your argument with the rest of the many arguments, you cannot present your rebuttal showing why your argument is foolproof. 

Compare and contrast as a comparison essay

There are two ways that the body paragraphs of the write my paper are structured:

  • Point by point
  • Subject by subject

In the point by point analysis, the subject is divided into its several comparable categories and are compared with each other in a separate paragraph. For example, you can do a compare and contrast analysis on ‘socialism and capitalism as an economic system‘. Here your point by point comparison for one of the paragraphs can be: what are the primary economic forces for both these systems. While another paragraph can discuss the role of government in regulating the economic forces and individual ownership, in each of these systems, etc.

In subject by subject comparison, each paragraph will discuss one side of the subject or one of the subjects and its subparts in one paragraph. The reader can read the analysis on the first subject and compare it with the second one in a separate paragraph following it.

You can add a final paragraph to combine both analysis and say a final word about it. 

Compare and contrast in literature comparisons

The compare and contrast analysis is used when you are comparing different kinds and types of texts. This can be a literature work compared to another work of literature, it can be a poem compared to a second poem, or it can be a mix of both. 

During these analyses sometimes the instructor asks you to look at a text through the context of another. The first text becomes your looking glass through which you analyze the second subject. The first paragraph should only describe the text’s context, its meaning, and its take on the subject without going into further detail.

The remainder of the essay should be about the main text which is to pay someone to write my paper and interpreted or presented in light of the first text. You can divide the analysis into several paragraphs, giving each distinct sub-topic its separate paragraph. 

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